Food declaration on

The website is a newly developed "calculator" for the preparation of food declarations, i.e. ingredient and nutrition calculation for food labelling.

The website can also be used by e.g. eateries, cookbook authors and food bloggers who want nutritional and allergen info on menus and recipes.



The finished declarations contain the list of ingredients in descending order with quid% and highlighting allergens, as well as nutritional calculation with the mandatory nutritional values.

You can start right away and create your own user on Customer Creation

Functions & prices

To facilitate the work with declarations, you can easily and efficiently save and retrieve all your entries for further use on the website.

It is free to use the website in a single-user version with the very basic functions for a Danish-language food declaration. Extra features can be purchased.

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Try it now!

View and try the website via our DEMO-USER. Here you find a few sample recipes with sub recipes and associated ingredients.

You can look around, enter new items, try out the functionallity. Changes are saved until you log out. New login opens a new fresh demo-user.




Would you rather 'stir the pots' than sit in the office and do calculations?

Then we can help you get a handle on the calculations, for example by preparing your declarations for you - from start to finish. We offer a fixed price per declaration.

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Need help?

Do you need support or a thorough GET-STARTED help with

Or do you need other help - perhaps a special problem - or perhaps another calculation program you want help with?

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Small print

You own your data - you can receive your data at any time in machine-readable format (csv files).

You are responsible for your declarations. We make an effort to calculate correctly, but it is up to you to provide the correct data.

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