Price list as of June 1, 2023. All prices are in Danish kroner (DKK) and exclude VAT.

For subscription services, all prices are per subscription period (calendar month). In the case of purchases of subscriptions at a time other than entry into force on the 1st of a month, the proportion in time will be invoiced for the first time and then in advance per running whole calendar month.

Use of website

Basic services free of charge

  • Access to the Website by one (1) user
  • Access to pre-entered food list items (ingredients from various food composition tables)
  • Ingredients (food list items, simple ingredients, compound ingredients) (*)
  • Sub-recipes/semi-finished products (for use as an ingredient in recipes) (*)
  • Recipes/finished products with final declaration (*)
(*) = Total number of ingredients and recipes: max 50 pcs.

Extra functions as monthly subscription, including the right to support

  1. Unlimited number of ingredients and recipes (DKK 200)
  2. List of ingredients in several languages (DKK 200)
  3. Used in – overview of where an ingredient is used, in all levels (DKK 200)
  4. Contains – overview of which ingredients a prescription contains, in all levels (DKK 200)
  5. Upload of files for ingredients and recipes (DKK 200)
  6. Status and Validation – management of internal influences on ingredients and recipes (DKK 200)
  7. Optional nutrients in addition to the mandatory nutrients (DKK 400)
  8. Units on recipes (pcs., bag, box, etc.) + Extra fields + Print standard reports (400 DKK)
  9. Design your own reports (labels, data sheets, etc.) – including clause 8 (DKK 800)
    (we recommend purchasing consultancy help/training for starting up report design)

A. Function 1-4, total price DKK 600 (discount 25%)
B. Function 1-6, total price DKK 800 (discount 33%)
C. Function 1-9, total price DKK 1200 (dicsount 50%)

All functions can be selected individually.

All prices are per month. When paying in advance for a whole year, payment is made for 10 months (discount approx. 16%)

As a new customer, you get all extra functions as a demo for 3 months free of charge, after which you can choose to subscribe to one or more of these. When you subscribe, you also get free email support in the use of the website, see contact info at the bottom of the page.

All of the above applies to one user (one login). It is possible to expand the number of users and possibly assign more departments to the same company, contact EIJO ApS for price offers.

Consulting services

Preparation of declarations – fixed price

  • Simple ingredient (food list item: contains nothing but itself): free
  • Compound ingredient (data sheet: contains two or more ingredients): DKK 250 each
  • Sub-recipe (pre-preparation, semi-finished products, sub-component): DKK 250 each
  • Prescription (ready for sale product): DKK 250 each

Prices are per PCS. included in the final declaration.

Other consultancy services - hourly rate

Hourly rate DKK 900 per hour. Charges are made per commenced half hour.


We have no fixed office hours. You are welcome to contact us by email to or by SMS to 2341 2784. Then we will get back to you as soon as possible and talk about options, prices and time estimates for your task.